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Hi Guys,

I’m new to monitoring sets. I need a little help in terms with what the values and thresholds mean. A little confused so any help will be hugely appreciated!


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  • How about you pick one you're interested in starting with and people can chip in with their recommendations / suggestions? Most of the details you should be able to get from the Microsoft site since many of the monitors are just giving you a different view in to what perfmon would be showing you. There is some quite good documentation on that score but it can take some digging.

  • Is there anywhere were I could download monitor sets?

  • Paulo , you should have a bunch of standard sets provided by Kaseya already. I think KITS (Kaseya IT Services) also has several built out that Kaseya offers to you as well.

    I will try and find where I downloaded the KITS monsets for you and re-post.

  • Hello,

    The threshold could be set on a snmp string or a snmp integer value

    When you select the threshold you need to set the  value  you like to monitor. Generate an alarm when the counter is over/under the specified counter threshold for the specified duration. Do not generate additional alarms for the time set in 'Ignore additional alarms for'.

  • @Paulo

    I'm a little disappointed in myself, I can't find the link any more for the downloads. Maybe a Kaseya employee can help out (Brendan Cosgrove) if they're on-line.

    I think, but not sure, under System>Configure the following options should load those into your Kserver

    Reload sample scripts with every update and database maintenance cycle.

    Reload sample event sets with every update and database maintenance cycle.

    Reload sample monitor sets with every update and database maintenance cycle.