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Monitor Set not working

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My office is new to using Kaseya for monitoring and we're just dipping our toes into it.  But I've got what looks to be a good monitor that isn't working correctly.  We're trying to track server disk space so we modified one of the pre-made monitor sets for % of disk space free.  Basically it's supposed to send an email out when the drives get to 5% of free space but it's not sending the email on one server we expect to get the alert from.

Here are the monitor set settings.  Any insight would be helpful as we've never done this before and the manual and call with a rep were not as clear as we'd like.

Object: LogicalDisk

Counter: % Free Space

Instance: All

Collection Operator: Over

Collection Threshold: 0 % Free Space

Sample Interval: 20 Minutes

Alarm Operator: Under

Alarm Threshold 5 % Free Space

Duration: 20 Minutes

Ignore additional Alarms for: 1 Day

Warn when within X% of alarm threshold" 10 Warning will be at: 5.5 (alarm at: 5)

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  • Found it, it was on our side.  The admin who set up the distribution list blocked external senders.  Finding the log was a bit more difficult.  System > Server Management > Outbound Email > Log

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  • , Welcome!

    On the surface it looks like you have the monitor set, setup correctly.   It should apply this to any active partitions on that computer.

    Go down to Agent Monitoring -> Monitor Log, select the computer, and then click View next to the monitor.  Down below you should see data, if not,  make sure that the "Display last" has a few days in it.

    If you are not see ANYTHING, make sure that you have applied the monitor set under "Assign Monitoring" and give it a little time (hours) to set up.     Do some screen posts if you still have problems.

  • That did solve half of my problem, I didn't have enough days/hours in the view to show the chart.  The bigger problem is that the monitor is not emailing when there's a issue.  We have the Monitor set to email a distribution list on alarm but it hasn't done that yet.

  • Another option which is not so well documented these days is to run an "update List By Scan" on the machine

    This will realign all monitor sets applied to the machine

    E.g. it will look and all counters and services , and then adjust what is being monitored to what it detects as being present on the machine

    You'll find it in the  Monitor/Edit menu

  • , can you post a screen shot of the monitor as it is applied?    Do you have Alarm and Email checked?

  • , What voo-doo magic is this?    My understanding of Update Lists by Scan is just to populate the master list with latest counters and services.   I didn't think that it did anything to an individual machine itself?   Can you provide more detail or documentation?

  • Chris, the second image  in my previous post is the settings in Assign Monitoring.  I do have Create Alarm and Email Receipients checked and the distribution list email address entered.  I can see the Alarm if I go into the Alarm Summary but we're not getting the email notification for the monitoring.  I have a report that's running that does email correctly but for some reason this monitor isn't sending the email..  

  • , Sorry I missed that!  Saw the first one, but not the 2nd.    You answered my next question, which was that it is visible in the Alarm Status, which means it IS being generated, so now we have to look at the email side....  Go to the System Tab -> Server Management - Outbound Email.  Select the "Log" tab.  You should see your alert in there.    Check the status.  If it shows Success, then the problem is more likely on your email side.  Possibly getting blocked somewhere?

  • Chris Amori I checked the System Log and don't see any alerts in there at all.  The only activity in the System Log in the past 24 hours are logins and some patches i approved yesterday.

  • HI Chris , not so much VooDoo rather an often over looked function/flaw in Kaseyas monitoring

    The issue you may notice at some stage is when you initially assign monitoring to a machine everything is fine

    E.g. you Assign your "ALL" drive monitoring , or  ALL Services etc

    When 1st deployed Kaseya will check what drives exist on the Machine , or what Services , or what Perfmon counters etc.

    It then assigns to that machine those counters etc that are applicable

    i.e. If your Server has a C,D and E drive then even though your monitor set is for ALL drives Kaseya will only monitor C,D,E

    The problem occurs AFTER the monitor sets have been assigned and you make a change to the machine

    E.g  You add an extra drive "F" , or remove an Application so its services no longer exist

    In this case Kaseya will still only monitor for C,D,E    and if it's Services then it will still monitor for the services that have been removed

    The "Update List By Scan" process realigns the machine and the monitorsets again

    If you run it it will add "F" drive to what you see in the monitor Log , and it will stop monitoring and remove from the Monitor Log Services etc that no longer exist.

    To be fair Kaseya have adding in some background processes that do eventually sort out Perfmon related changes , but not yet as far as I am aware for services.

    And the Monitor set must be set with the "Enable Matching" check box ticked

    Kaseya have also provided a Forum Post with an Agent Procedure that also tries to address assigned monitorsets that don't seem to function

    So also take a look at this


    My rule of thumb is when I see a Monitorset incorrectly applied to a machine one of the first hings I do is run an "Update List By Scan" on that machine

    It's a pretty resource intensive process so don't run it on 100's of  machines at the same time , but it has fixed many .

    Also many years ago ( and I mean maybe 10+ ) the Kaseya documentation actually recommended you run it once per day on every machine

    They've change the help doc's now and no longer recommend this 

    Check here for the help pages


    You can no longer schedule it directly , but in the CORE Agent Procedures under "System/Core/Other Utilities/Run Now Scripts"  there is a procedure you can use to run it , and as it is a procedure it can be scheduled

    So what I have in my Monitoring is when I get a rogue alert where the alarm summary is something like "Service Does Not Exist , OR " Not Found" etc , I run via the Core Agent Procedure the "Update List By Scan"

    And then ignore the alarm as I know the reason for the alarm was because there were some missing Services/Counters etc

    So .. Voodoo Maybe .. but something I think a lot of users are unaware of


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  • Found it, it was on our side.  The admin who set up the distribution list blocked external senders.  Finding the log was a bit more difficult.  System > Server Management > Outbound Email > Log

  • , glad you figured it out!

  • , thanks for the info!   That makes sense.  It will update any monitors that are already assigned.   Very good to know!