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Possibility to do Monitoring over RS232

  • Dear all

    I hope you can help me. Could you tell me if is it possible to take allerts from a LCD with a RS232 adapter? Unfortunately the LCD we use has not RJ45 and therefore we can't capture data with SNMP.

    Thank you very much for your usefull proposals.

    Best regards



    Your options would be limited without SNMP, what type of alerts are you trying to get?

    The following article has some good suggestions, but I am not sure if they apply to your scenario;


  • Just throwing this out there - a few weeks ago I needed to communicate with a serial-only device and send it commands and parse the results.

    I found an old Wyse thin-client with a serial port in the junk pile. It had a Kaseya agent installed. I put it on the network and connected it to the serial device. I was able to remote-control to the TC and develop some scripts that could send commands to the serial port, capture the results, and ultimately interpret the results. Once I had this working, I used Kaseya to push the script to the TC and run it. The script did all the parsing, not Kaseya, and sent alerts back to Kaseya via the event log. It could also be designed to send emails, if that were preferable.

    This shouldn't be too difficult to put together with VB and a device with a serial port.