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Monitor Not Emailing When Starting

  • I am getting emails when my monitors are exiting alarm state, but I never get an email specifying that it's entering the alarm. Has anyone else experienced this at all?

  • Hi  

    Can you provide us with a screenshot of the type alarm you are referencing or the specific monitoring tool?

  • It's the Kaseya monitor sets. Ones I've created, and the default ones. None of them email me when they enter the Alarm state, but do when they exit. For example, I created a monitor set that watches the default SQL services. They never email me when the services stop, but do when they start.


    Can you show us a screenshot of what the Agent > Agent Logs > Monitor Action Log is showing for this sql box or provided some of the last logs that you see for this Service?

  • I have the same issue. From memory it's always worked that way. e.g. since R6.3 at least.

  • As above can you include some screen shots of the Monitor action Log and the Monitor Assignment otherwise we are only guessing as to how you have these configured.

    Also is the email not being sent .. or is there an error in sending. i.e. is there an outbound email in the Email Queue under the System Menu.

    Also what variables are defined in the Emil Template ... i.e. check the "Format Email" button

  • Monitors.pdf

    Craig, I was thinking that it has been this way for a while. Though, I do get some alerts from Low Disk Monitors when they enter the alarm state. You'd think it would be helpful to get the entering email. There have been a few times when the services could not be started due to errors on the server, and I have no idea they are occurring...   ...at least not until I get a call from the client, and I manually start the service or reboot the server. I have to really on my external PRTG monitors, which kind of defeat the purpose of having any of this setup in Kaseya.

    Paul, There are no outbound emails attempted. The Outbound email queue is clear with no errors. I've attached a PDF with the screenshots.