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filter on MachineGroup

  • Hi,

    just wondering whether it is possible to use a custom field defined on machinegroup level within views. (forexample support level ) to distinguish

    we are thinking about a new service with reduced monitoring / policies / separate dashboard......


  • Hi  

    To clarify, are you asking if a custom field can be leveraged in a view?

    If so, then yes, custom fields are available in Views under advanced agent data filters.

    If I misunderstood, please let me know.

  • Hi Nicolas,

    it's in relation with creation of dasboards. In dashboard you can use a view, so I was wondering whether it is possible to create a view an machinegroup level forexample suppport level. Now  whenever you create a new dashboard you have to hide/unhide the machinegroups that you want in that particular dashboard.


    ps. Is there a simple way to change the 5721 port to checkin for one particular Client ( temporarely )

  • Hi  

    Yes, your custom fields should be available in views to leverage. If you are using the same views in dashboard it should not be a problem.

    My only comment would be to ensure these views do not get modified.

    Additionally, you can change the checkin port for each respective agent via Agent > Checkin Control (Keep in mind the new port should be open in the firewall on your systems)

  • Just a note on Nick's comment:  Check-in Control is currently available for On Premise installations only.  

  • Nicholas,  I didn't think it was possible to change the port?    While you could open the port in the firewall, doesn't Kaseya only listen on 1 port?    I would think the application firewall would reject anything other than the default?  Has something changed, or is it just more flexible than I thought?

  • Hi  

    No you are correct, while you can change the check-in port for individual agents, an individual Kaseya Server will listen only on one port (Whatever is specified in the 'System > Configure Page > Specify Port for Agent Check in').

    I do not know of a way aside from hacks to allow an individual Kaseya Server to listen on multiple ports at one time for agent communications.