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Performance Monitoring (Disk space / CPU / Memory) - Monitoring failures / issues across many servers.

  • I found that when going to Monitor > Agent Monitoring > Monitor Log, many of my servers had monitors that were 'Not Responding'.  After working with Kaseya support for quite some time, I learned that this is directly related to User Defined Data Collector Sets that Kaseya creates and that can be found in Windows Performance Monitor (perfmon).  More specifically, one or both of the following issues may be present:

    - the 'pla' Performance Logs & Alerts service may not be running.  (Microsoft sets this service to Manual by default).

    - The User Defined Data Collector Sets may not be running.

    However, on multiple occasions, resolving the above two issues did not resolve the Not Responding monitors.  I find myself needing to reinstall Kasya agents to fully resolve the issue.

    A secondary, seemingly related issue involves disk space monitoring for *all disks.  The monitor log initially applies A-Z monitors.  Eventually it sorts out which disks actually exist and removes the unwanted monitors for drive letters that do not exist.  Unfortunately there are many cases where the unwanted monitors are never cleared which leaves a mess of Not Responding in the Monitor Log.


    I've put a service monitor in place for the 'pla' service and have set it to automatic for all servers.  

    Seems the fastest way to deal with these issues at this point is to reinstall the Kaseya agents.  This is unfortunate.  

    Anyone else run into these issues?  How did you work around them / prevent them?

  • Hello actually reinstalling the agent is a leading cause of the monitoring breaking.

    In any case use this to identify why the monitoring isn't working. Since you've been reinstalling the agent im sure most of the problems will revolve around lua.


  • I can recommend anyone to use this tool to give themselves some much needed insight into broken monitoring. My compliments to Michael (again) on a very nice piece of work....