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Monitorsets for % free diskspace are giving 'no current data' or 'not responding'

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Please help me, I am getting desperate.

About 80% of our monitorsets have stopped sending information to our Kaseya server. It is version 6.3 and we don't have maintenance so I have tried any tips and tricks I found on the internet but I can't get it working again.

Newly created sets do not add Data collector sets anymore so the CSV files are not created but other sets on the same server that check running services are still sending their information.

When I manually check the performance monitor I can see the current data and I have updated the lists by scan so I am using the correct counters. Our used monitirsets are not exotic, I only want to know when my disks ge below 10% free space. 

Thanks in advance!


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    It sounds like you may have the issue described in this thread (link goes directly to post re 6.3, but you can read through the posts above for additional info):  community.kaseya.com/.../99308.aspx

  • Hi ArjanBor

    I haven't tested this on v6.3 but you could try running the script documented in this KB article on a test machine with the issue to see if it helps?


    If it doesn't help then it could be counter matching enabled in the monitor set and its not identifying the perfmon counters correctly, disabling counter matching would resolve. Another possibility is the Performance logs/Performance counters services not started

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  • Thank you all for your help. The date bug was certainly my problem. And I have tested it on a copy of my live server and the monitoring is working again.

    But that server is onworkable because of 100% cpu load on the database for over a week now. So fixing the monitoring is nice but making Kaseya behave like this is not what I expected. Belwo you can see what is eating my cpu but it does not mean anything to me . So I need your help again.

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  • Hey  

    To confirm  - how did you resolve the issue, did you apply the 6.3 patch or did you upgrade to a newer version of the VSA?

    Is this 100% CPU Load now happening on the production/live server? 

    I would also recommend creating a support ticket so a performance technician can review the behavior you are seeing on the box with you.