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Monitoring Lenovo Server Hardware

  • Is anyone monitoring Lenovo Server hardware such as RAID arrays, CPU temp, power issues, etc.?

    I can't find any software equivalent to "Dell OpenManage" or "HP System Management" software. 

    We'd like to monitor for Events written to the event logs, or even SNMP alerts but have no idea what to use to generate these on the servers. Lenovo/IBM's site is no help.


  • Have you tried KNM? We are in the process of creating KNM hw monitors for Dell, HP, IBM and Lenovo servers.


  • Really wish Kaseya would include some templates for Dell and IBM servers in KNM to save the time learning CIM.

  • I think the larger question is what tools are available from Lenovo that will generate alerts, whether SNMP or Event logs.

    What software are you using on the servers themselves, Neuvoja?

  • Lenovo has Thinkserver EasyManage but it seems its in EOL status:


    We only have one Lenovo ThinkServer RS140 at the moment and it uses Intel's AMT. Lenovo monitoring is not a priority for us at the moment :)