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CPU Monitoring based on CPU time

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ok, i have a process that I want to monitor in windows task manager.

Its called myprocess.exe

and what i want to happen is that when the process starts up and it is running more that 5 minutes (CPU Time) in the task manager, i want to get an alert.

my question is, when i setup the monitor and from the dropdown in the monitor set, it has "elaspsed time" Would that be the same thing as CPU time in Windows Task Manager.

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  • Monitor Set... Counter Threshold...

    Object: Process

    Counter: % Processor Time

    Instance: myprocess.exe

    Collection over 0 every 1 minute

    Alarm over 0 for 5 minutes

  • SMason, I thought that % Processor Time is a percentage of processor time used.. I am looking for a process that would be running longer than a expected completion time..

  • Yes, the average being over zero for five minutes should do the trick.

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  • I think you are asking to monitor how long a specific process runs in Kaseya, and more specifically for it to alert you after it has run for 5 minutes?

    If this is correct, I don't know of a way to do it using Monitor set alerts.   You could create a Monitor set Process alert that would alert when the process starts up.   That alert could then trigger a script.    The first line of the script would be to pause for 5 min, and then execute a query to see if the process is still running, and if it is, create an alert.

    Maybe a little more info on what you are trying to do might help.  I think what @SMason is thinking of is the CPU process, but you are looking for the CPU time on "myprocess".


    From my understanding of the requested functionality --  Perfmon (Classic Monitor) > % Process Time does not equal CPU Time in Task Manager.

    This is more of a Microsoft question and has been ask many times within their community:


    Bruce Adamczak clarifies the difference in CPU Time in Task Manager and Perfmon's > % Processer Time.

    Additionally, the following thread discusses some alternatives you could possibly implement;


    You can build the monitor set as SMason described, however as the article states the values wont appear similar to what is in Task Manager.

    Here is an example using the snagiteditor.exe process and displaying Task Manager and a raw monitor set data file with the % Processer Time counter applied.

    I will continue to examine other possible solutions to gather this metric or perhaps someone else may have a solution.

     suggestion does seem plausible as well.

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  • Note: there are both "Process" and "Processor" performance objects. Given Buster's requirement, I believe "Process" is appropriate to get the job done.

    I also like the solution Chris posted.