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We are new to Kaseya and I was wondering if anyone knew of an easy way to monitor AppAssure logs.  I don't think there is a built in event set for this but was wondering if anyone knew of an efficient way to do this?

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  • There's an AppAssure module for Kaseya available here > documents.software.dell.com/DOC268730

    We've not used it (successfully) yet.

    We installed it last week, applied monitoring to 10 servers, and the next day our KServer was down.  Turns out the AA monitoring had somehow been applied to all endpoints (workstations and servers) and was killing the server.  AA support couldn't explain what happened.  Ripped it out and haven't gone back.

    This was on K6.5.  We're upgrading to R9 soon and plan to revisit the AA module then.

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    Here is a previous thread on a similar topic:


    Towards the end of the thread an event set was provided that a user was implementing.

    It may work for you.

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