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Help Clearing Out Monitoring Alerts/Emails

  • Does anyone know how to clear a large # of Monitoring Alerts (Emails) from our Kaseya Server (v6.5)? We had an agent installed on a device and it assigned Event Log Monitoring. The device flooded our Server with Event 55 (disk is corrupt and unusable) for an External HD. I removed the Alerting from the device > 2 days ago, but am still getting emails prior to when I removed monitoring. The problem is that I am missing current Alerts/Text messages due to the backlog.

    I opened a ticket with Support > 24 Hours ago and it's still waiting assignment...

  • There's not much you can do once the alerts start processing. Check Monitoring > Alarm Summary

    use your group/view filters to narrow it down to the machine that's flooding your server with alerts. From here you can at least see how many are left, maybe even cancel them out. But there's no stopping them once they hit the scheduler inside the Kserver.

  • Support can do SQL magic to clear things out faster.  You just have to get them on the case.  Bug your account rep.

    I had the same thing happen.  Trying to delete the alerts (even in small batches) took forever and bogged down the server.