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New to Linux Monitors... Have a few questions

  • Hey guys, I am completely new to monitoring stuff in a Linux environment and I have been tasked with getting Kaseya to monitor a couple of Linux Servers. One is a debian 7.2 and the other is an Ubuntu (not sure of the version at the moment) server.

    I was able to install the agent on the Debian box, but haven't gotten access to the Ubuntu box yet. I am looking to monitor some basic stuff like CPU/Memory/Disk Space (The windows monitor sets make this so easy in Kaseya). How can I go about doing this in Kaseya? I am able to get disk size from the audits and have it alert based on percentage, but aside from that I don't see where else I can go to. 

    I am looking into this and a couple of things stands out to me: 

    1. SNMP - This looks like it I can do the monitoring i need, but I don't even know how to start doing this on Linux. I know that every flavor of Linux is different, but is there something that needs to be installed or is it usually available out of the box?

    2. Log Parsing - It says that it is supported, but I assume i need a program running on the linux hosts to generate these logs. Is there possibly any logs that I can parse that Linux automatically creates/can be enabled?

    3. Agent Procedures - This option looks like i can have it execute a procedure on  regular intervals, and then collect data. I just don't know if this is something that I would want to always be happening or if it would be the most efficient way to capture the basic info I need. 

    What other things might be of use to monitor for? What other things are you guys doing on your linux agents that would be of value to implement. 

    Any help or pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!

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  • Hi  

    The Disk Space alerts on audit can be limited due to their inability to set a re-arm trigger or monitor 'on-demand' as it requires audits.

    In regards to your questions:

    1. SNMP is usually not enabled by default on most Operating Systems and usually requires some intervention to enable.

    Below is a write up on enabling SNMP for ubuntu 12.04.2 I found, I have yet to try it though:


    Once SNMP is enabled you should be able to monitor these devices either using the 'Classic Monitor' module or 'Network Monitoring' module.

    Network Monitoring being the easier one to configure for SNMP monitoring.

    Classic Monitor can be a little trickier to configure, but here is a write up on how to configure SNMP monitoring via the Classic Monitor module:


    2. Log Parsing is another more tedious to configure monitor. We have the following write up on setting it up:


    However, you would also want to leverage the Log Parser Test Tool to verify you will parse the log as desired, which can be found below:


    This will take some time to configure and implement.

    If you have the Network Monitoring module you may want check out the 'Log File' monitor.

    3. Agent procedures - I assume you are referencing you want to build your own monitors via an Agent Procedure?

    If this is the case, then yes it is possible and you can schedule it on a recurring interval.

    This is essentially what the monitor modules do behind the scenes. (Run procedures(scripts) to gather the metrics and present them in their respective module UI)

    Hope this provides some help.

    Best Regards,


  • Thanks for taking the time to look into this for me and provide some examples of solutions to try. I was working with my Linux guy today and are still looking into this.