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Email when a server changes connection gateway

  • Hi Guys (and Girls)

    I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction, I am currently looking to create a monitor/alert to tell me when a server changes its connection gateway.

    Background (so you fully understand) We currently have a client who has a managed network (not by us) and they have 2 lines, one is a 100mb virgin line and the other is a BT 2mb failover line. These lines are for 3 businesses with about 70 users in total.

    So when the line fails over the 2mb is insufficient...I would like an email alert when the connection gateway changes on the server so that we can infirm the network manager that he has to do something about it and we can then explain to the client why it is slow.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to achieve this.

    I was going to use the line of an external ping under monitoring, but he refuses to switch on ping responses.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Write the variable #vMachine.ConnectionGatewayIp# to a text file, and run GetFile with the option "overwrite existing file and send alert if file changed" is a simple way to do it, but may not be what you want exactly.

  • @CeeJay,   I am guessing your Firewall can't be set to notify you about the fail-over?  

    I don't think this would be hard to write...  Take a look at this post for ideas:


    @kuuser's idea should also work, I just don't know how often that ConnectionGateway value is updated?   If it is every check-in, then we are good, if every audit, then not so good.  I think it might be the former, but have never verified.    You would then need to make sure that you have set the Get File Alert correctly.

    How would you want to get alerted?    Get File?  Event Log?  Email?

  • Hi Guys.

    Thanks for your help on this.

    that sounds like something I may have to use if I cannot get it to monitor in the way I want, I want the least amount of engineering as possible so that we can set this up on multiple customers.

    Thanks for your help, this looks great but again it is something we want the CSS to do rather than setting up a script to check it.

    I.E. the system will alert us if there has been a hardware change (ram size etc) I would hope it would be easy enough to set up a monitor of the connection gateway, as i know that this is update at every check in.


  • unfortunately there is no standard alert for this, and I don't know of a Windows perfmon setting that keeps track of connection gateway, so I think you are stuck running a script.  

    Also remember that the RAM Size (hardware change) alert is ONLY triggered after the audit is run, so it is not real-time.

    If you had KNM working, maybe there is an SNMP entry off the firewall that might report a status change.  Again, no option in the firewall?

    Why not just run the script every 15 min or so?  Would you need it more real-time?

  • Thanks Chris

    Although we would like it to be as "realtime" as possible as this is for us to prove that his router isnt up to the job that it is doing.

    Unfortunately us having any access to the router to set the alerts is not an option at the moment as the landlord will not allow it.

  • We use a script running on a server at client sites to detect the external IP address by parsing the result of an HTTP request. (Think www.ipchicken.com, but we use our own target). When the router fails over, the external IP changes. The script detects the change and throws an alarm that an agent monitor is looking for.

    We check for failover every 20 minutes, and once triggered, the script checks for failback every 2 minutes. This provides a fair balance between notification and load on the web target for most clients we monitor, although we can change this as needed. We also perform a "setup" to record the primary path address, so we can alert on which direction the change went - either failover or failback.

    Like kuuser's suggestion, our script doesn't need to touch the router.


  • Glenn,

    Any chance you could share the script you guys created or provide some guidance? Thanks.

  • Have you tried a search? This has been discussed numerous times over the years.

    I posted a solution script here: community.kaseya.com/.../98383.aspx quite recently.