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Ignore/Monitor Range of Events

  • All,

    Is it possible to ignore or monitor a range of events?  I am trying to monitor for one event, 7011 from the Service Control Manager.  It may not be working because I have Service Control Manager events ignored in another event set. (A bit frustrating that happens) So, can I set the ignored events to "1-7010" or could I use "NOT 7011" in the event set?


  • @eperson,   no there is no way to exclude a range or use Boolean with an event set.

    When doing Exclusions, be sure to be VERY specific if you think that event ID could be used by another application, in other words,  put some specifics in the "Description" field, so that ONLY those events will get blocked.   Also using the Source field can help prevent event IDs from being blocked.    Make sure you use "*" (asterisks) around your keywords.

    Remember that a 7011 exclusion applied to the Application log, does not affect a 7011 generated from the System log.