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Monitor auto closing Service Desk ticket. Possible?

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G'day all, I have a quick question, I have enabled  Enable alarm generation, and Enable auto close of alarms and tickets.

I have assigned a simple alert / ticket to an agent, and then stopped the Kaseya agent service on the target machine to simulate an 'offline' state.

It created an alarm and a ticket in Service Desk nicely, and all that works fine.

However when I re-enable the agent, the Alarm marks as closed, but the ticket never changes ....

Is there a custom procedure or similar I need to get it to close tickets automatically?

The doco is a little sparse in this area :)


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  • Hi James,

    It sounds as though you have the correct settings applied.

    Just to be sure I have highlighted the settings you mentioned which are required for auto-close below:

    However, if the alarm closed and the ticket did not - this leads me to believe it may be an issue with the service desk you are using or a setting specifically within the desk.

    Here are the alarm request settings and the default service desk I have applied:

    The auto-close process should be done automatically.

    I am currently using the Customer SD Basic Service Desk and it is auto-closing my ticket immediately after the alarm is closed:

    If all of this looks correct on your end, you may want to submit a support ticket to have a technician take a deeper look into your system.

    Kind Regards,