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Monitor Logs, Trend Reporting, and SQL Servers!

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Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some possible tips or solutions to trend reporting on disk drives.  I've seen a few old topics on this but no actual solutions.

First, there is a legacy Monitor Trends report but this has some big limitations.  You can only specify one drive letter at a time and  a 90 day chart stretches sideways across multiple screen sizes (lots of scrolling).  From what I can see, this report really can't be edited or customized much and in the end it is really hard to read.

What I'd like to do is get this information into our SQL server so we can do our own reporting and trend analysis.  Either have Kaseya relay the monitoring data somehow, or have SQL read and upload the KLOGS folder CSV files.  Has anyone tried this angle before?  Any success?  Other ideas?

I'd appreciate any comments or solutions to this, Kaseya support thus far hasn't been able to assist much other than to point me to the legacy monitor trend report I mentioned.

Note: We are currently on Kaseya 6.5 but are actively testing Kaseya 7.0 including KNM.

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  • When are we going to be able to do decent disk trending report graphs?  There was an active thread from 4 years ago promising it.