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monitor a custom field

  • Hi,

    just wondering whether in Kaseya we can monitor a custom field ?

    If yes ? How ?


  • From an Agent Procedure: checkVar() - #vSystemInfoManual.<customField># - Contains - "bubbles" (or something)

    Note: Field name cannot have spaces.

  • Hi Mason,

    I mentioned monitoring, in order to be able to set a dashboard column based on its value ?


  • Field names can have spaces... just need to use brackets like: #vSystemInfoManual.[custom Field]#

    Not really important... and no spaces is better anyway... but thought I would mention it.

  • sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear enough...

    outside agent procedure : monitor when a field value changes

  • rdk, I believe the answer is no, since you can't create a monitor set that monitors a custom field.

    The dashboard can only display alarms that are in turn triggered by monitor sets. No suitable monitor set, no dashboard indication.

    The only other alternative would be to use something that can generate a custom SQL query to extract and display the info you're looking for. My NOC code may be a good starting point for that....

  • This is really useful info, thank you!

  • You can build Kaseya views based on customfields and their values

    And you can assign these views to Policies

    So it would be possible to have a policy with any included monitoring/scripts etc auto added/removed from a machine based on the value in the custom field.