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System Ping Check Logs

  • I have many System Checks configured to do ping checks from devices in my VSA.  I thought at one point, I saw a log of the ping check history, but now I can't seem to find it.  Does this log exist or am I mistaken?  I am troubleshooting an issue and if this log was available, it would prove quite helpful.


  • Yeah, I know this is an OLD thread, but in the hope of not having to create a ticket to find an answer that should be documented but I can't locate it - where are the System Check Logs?????  I want to make sure a check I have just set up is actually working.

  • Hi ,

    I believe you can get to this through legacy reports > logs > alarm log.

  • That will only show any alarms.  I want to see a log that has proves to me that the system check is actually checking, and the result.  

    I can see on an agent that is being used for a system check that it has syscheck$out1xxx.txt files in the working directory - for a website check it returns details from the page it's checking, but no history.

    In KMonitorsets folder there is a syscheck$xxxxxxxxxxxx.xml file which lists all the system checks that agent is doing.  

    I am expecting to find somewhere in the Console a log of these checks.  But there is nothing.

  • Hi ,

    If you have access to the database, you should be able get some information from the dbo.vMonitorAlarmSystemCheck and dbo.vMonitorLogRpt views, but this will only show actual alarms where the ping has failed, not a record of the ping history.