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Alerts Stopped Working Multiple Times, No Root Cause Found

  • I wanted to check and see if anyone has this same problem, or if it's just me.

    Several times over the past few years, I have noticed that I did not get alerts for various functions of Kaseya.  Each time, I have created a support ticket.  In each case, alerts will start working again without any action taken and a root cause can never be determined by Kaseya support.  In each case, I just get an apology that the cause can't be found, but everything is working now. 

    Because of this, I do not have a high level of confidence in getting all alerts that I should.

    Does anyone else have similar problems?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Do you have an example ... i.e. Was it Event Log Alerts , or Low Disk , or Monitor Sets based etc .. or just random missed alerts from any of the alert/alarm types

  • I have seen this happening as well. When I was troubleshooting it with support we came across an issue where the pending jobs on the kaseya server (live connect to it the kserver and check out agent data) got hung up, stopping it from checking to see if there were alerts pending. I believe that canceling the job alleviated the issue temporarily, but it happened for the next day or two and then just went away on its own. Right now it has been a really quiet day for us and i keep checking to see if there is an issue, but i can't find one.

  • If you're on 6.3, check out those new services you have running on the KServer front-end box, like the Plugin service and such-like. I'll bet that one of them has given up the ghost and needs to be kicked.

    I've opened a series of tickets about this and have basically been told that "there's a hotfix for that" only to have the hotfix come along and I see the problem again a few weeks later anyway. I've also been told that there's essentially no way to monitor for when these new extra services break except to just... notice that you're not getting emails/alerts/script-processing. Um.

  • So Yesterday when I said I was having a really quiet day and it wasn't normal I was correct. While the live connect screen wasn't showing the behavior i mentioned above, event log alerts didn't seem to be alerting. After confirming this, I rebooted my KServer and sure enough alerts started working again. It seemed to only affect event ID alerts. System offline alerts, Monitor log alerts and emails were all working fine.

    Like greyduck said there is no way to know aside from just noticing. I didn't know about the new services, but I will try that the next time the server starts acting up.

  • i have encountered the same problem with agent offline alert on servers.

    2 of 3 servers on a group don't generated alert when they are offline.

    After exchange with support, we don't have root cause.

  • We had the same issue after upgrade and it was because Kaseya Service Desk was activated. Deactivate that and they should work. When service desk is activated, tickets will no longer be created in the ticketing module.