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Monitor sets for Kaseya 6.2 server performance

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My team is reviewing the document: KaseyaPerformanceBestPractices.pdf trying to tune up our install since it grew from 300+ to 800+ agents.

At the top of Page 7 in that pdf it says: "Kaseya provides sample monitor sets as well as a NOC service that can monitor these for you."

I have searched our Monitor, Monitor Sets, Kaseya Samples and cannot find anything.  In fact there is not even a single monitor set for anything MS Server 2008 there.  (or Windows 7 for that matter)

I checked our System, Server Management, and the box is checked for: "Reload sample scripts with every update and database maintenance cycle."

I also searched for uploadable monitor sets in the Kaseya Portal, Resources, Knowledge Exchange, Knowledge Base and downloads with no success.

How do I get the sample sets updated and specifically the sample monitor set for monitoring the performance of our Kaseya v6.2 Server?



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  • After 30 pages of reading I found the recommended monitor sets at the end of the "KaseyaPerformanceBestPractices.pdf" in "Appendix A – Monitor Sets"

    My only remaining question is whether these monitor sets have been updated since the article was written in "Thursday, April 29, 2010"



  • It looks as though Jacques Eagle wrote the documentation.  He also put on the TechJam on Scaling Kaseya Servers (located here: http://community.kaseya.com/resources/m/techjams/74666.aspx) that goes through a lot of this stuff in detail.  I did hit him up after the presentation when he'd mentioned updated IOPS requirements in 6.3, and he wrote right back to me.

    I'm sure he's up to his ears in documentation & preparing for the 6.3 release, but if you sent him over a quick e-mail to see if the Kaseya Performance Best Practices document is going to be updated upon 6.3's release (in particular, the Monitor Sets in Appendix A), I think he would be able to fire back a quick yes/no and maybe an ETA.  His e-mail address is in the format firstname.lastname@kaseya.com.

    When you do find something out, please let us know! Smile