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which sets are applied to a given server

  • Hi chaps


    Is there an easy way to find out which sets are being applied to a given server? I can see whether individual sets are being applied but can't see an obvious place to see all the sets applied to the server.



  • Not sre what you are asking about? Are you talking about event sets?

  • sorry, which monitoring sets. I want to know everything being monitored on a given server and the only way I can see is to go through each monitoring set and see if a given server is included or not. I want to do it the other way round, view the machine and see all the monitoring sets applied.

  • you should check the monitor-assign monitoring page.

  • Monitor / Monitor Log

    This will show you all counters that are being monitored....

  • Hi mmartin, the monitor log shows you which counters, yes, but not which sets those counters come from.

    I'm after a list of which sets are being applied to a machine and thus which sets I need to edit to change things

  • as described by Tjibbe - Monitor / Assign Monitoring...