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Alert on service that will not start

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Is it possible to get an alert on a service that will not restart.? We use monitoring to restart services if they stop and then send an alert. However, we do not receive an alert if the service failed to start.

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  • Pretty much, though I would avoid using the Pause script option as that will prevent any other script running during this time too, I would either use SCHEDULE PROCEDURE with a 5 minute delay on the machine by doing get variable machine id and running it on that variable or the method I used before by having the script write event log errors for you then another set to monitor that.

    I think using a combination of these methods could work out really, really well, I will try to look into this soon but if I can as I think someone eluded to earlier pass the service name of the original alert over to the script the original occurrence runs then we are laughing and there is a simply great solution which works without needing additional sets or an excessive amount of scripts.