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Vmware Monitoring - Both hardware and the vmware platform - What are people doing? a big hole in our monitoring portfolio

  • when you install vmware cli on a node

    you can run Esx-health.pl and get all hardware and health status

    if you monitor the log file for errors you can create an alert in Kaseya

    and send the report by email.


  • Thanks Pim,

    The esx-health.pl script is great for alerting where there is no vCentre server.

  • We are about to go live on LogicMonitor as well.  Kaseya doesn't have a solution yet for host and cluster monitoring, plus we needed monitoring for NetApp and EqualLogic SAN controllers.  All of these have premis-based monitoring tools available (vCenter, OnCommand/DFM, etc.) but they don't scale out and many times require additional licensing/support.  LogicMonitor does not require a term committment so if Kaseya adds these features in the future we still have the ability to consolidate without throwing away another product.  The key seems to be getting the monitoring vendor to work with the manufacturers' APIs rather than trying to depend on SNMP alone.

  • Can I ask we are currently trialling logic monitor but cannot get it to see disks or network cards on ESX hosts.

    I have asked logicmonitor but their response was pretty poor.

    Our experience of using Virtual centre is that it too suffers with visiblity to disks and while 4.1 was supposed to sort this we are still having issues.

    Any of you logic monitor people using LM to monitor ESX / ESXi and can you see disks (physical state of the disks) not datastores.

  • You are correct, it does not dive into the local disk hardware status nor the individual NICs.  We use an iSCSI SAN behind the production VM hosts and are most concerned with proper monitoring of those systems as the VMs themselves are not housed in the local datastores.  I'm sure we'll be adding these as feature requests with LogicMonitor soon!

  • Pasted below(I couldn't screenshot) are all the objects from the "ESX Hadware Health" datastored provided by logicmonitor.Mmartin Feel free to contact me via phone for additional information. The key is you do need to HP CIM agent that allows the hypervisor to get information on the hardware. This is much better in ESXi rather than regular ESX. We could do the same thing via vcenter but managing all our vcenters and ensure they are setup properly by the various field engineers is not a task i want to undertake.

    ESX Hardware Health-

    Battery on HPSA1

    Disk 1 on HPSA1 : Port 1I Box 1 Bay 1 : 279GB : Data Disk

    Disk 2 on HPSA1 : Port 1I Box 1 Bay 2 : 279GB : Data Disk

    Disk 3 on HPSA1 : Port 1I Box 1 Bay 3 : 279GB : Data Disk

    Disk 4 on HPSA1 : Port 1I Box 1 Bay 4 : 279GB : Data Disk

    Disk 5 on HPSA1 : Port 2I Box 1 Bay 5 : 279GB : Data Disk

    Disk 6 on HPSA1 : Port 2I Box 1 Bay 6 : 279GB : Data Disk

    Disk 7 on HPSA1 : Port 2I Box 1 Bay 7 : 279GB : Data Disk

    Disk 8 on HPSA1 : Port 2I Box 1 Bay 8 : 279GB : Data Disk

    Drive Backplane 1 Temp 27 - Normal

    HP Smart Array P410i Controller : Embedded : HPAS1

    Logical Volume 1 on HPSA1 : RAID 5 : 1955GB : Disk 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8


    Memory Module 1 Temp 4 - Normal

    Memory Module 2 Temp 5 - Normal

    Memory Module 3 Temp 6 - Normal

    Memory Module 4 Temp 7 - Normal

    Memory Module 6 Temp 9 - Normal

    Memory Module 8 Temp 11 - Normal

    Memory Module 9 Temp 14 - Normal

    Memory Module 10 Temp 17 - Normal

    oem-hp-support 410.1.1.0-164009 2010-03-08 06:25:34.000

    Other 1 Temp 1 - Normal

    Other 1 Temp 2 - Normal

    Other 1 Temp 28 - Normal

    Other 3 Temp 15 - Normal

    Other 4 Temp 16 - Normal

    Other 5 Temp 18 - Normal

    Peripheral Bay 1 Temp 19 - Normal

    Peripheral Bay 2 Temp 20 - Normal

    Peripheral Bay 3 Temp 21 - Normal

    Peripheral Bay 4 Temp 22 - Normal

    Peripheral Bay 5 Temp 23 - Normal

    Peripheral Bay 6 Temp 24 - Normal

    Peripheral Bay 7 Temp 25 - Normal

    Peripheral Bay 8 Temp 26 - Normal

    Power Supply 1: Running/Full Power-Enabled

    Power Supply 2: Running/Full Power-Enabled

    Power Supply 3 Power Supplies - Fully redundant

    Power Supply 4 Temp 12 - Normal

    Power Supply 4: Not Installed

    Power Supply 5 Temp 13 - Normal

    Power Supply 5: Not Installed

    Proc 1

    System Board 1 Fan Block 1 - Transition to Running

    System Board 3 Fan Block 3 - Transition to Running

    System Board 4 Fan Block 4 - Transition to Running

    System Board 5 Fans - Fully redundant

    System Board 6 Power Meter - Device enabled

    VMware Rollup Health State

    VMware, Inc. VMware ESXi 4.1.0 build-260247 2010-05-18 00:00:00.000

    VMware, Inc. VMware ESXi Alternate Boot Bank 4.1.0 build-260247

  • Marco Eegdeman - Promo Systems

    Is there a possibility that Kaseya support give us a response to these postings?


    I'm not sure Kaseya support reads these forums enough or care to respond.


    We use Nimsoft to monitor from the host perspective, then Kaseya to monitor from the VM.

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