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Alarm suspensions granularity

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Hi all,

I have a bit of a conundrum. As we monitor for memory utilisation, RPC connection limits, CPU utilisation etc., and as Backup Exec pushes these things hard, generating a ton of spurious non-errors which clutter our ticketing system, we've been forced to exclude all alerts/alarms via the Monitor -> Status -> Suspend monitoring function. Of course, this prevents us monitoring event logs for the Backup itself. This is extremely frustrating, and I can't think of any workaround.

I can come up with two ways to solve this:

1. Allow different monitoring thresholds during different periods. This would be my preferred option, since one could then easily allow for periods where a server will be heavily taxed (backup, massive reports, etc.) without annoying our poor techs who are already frustrated by "too many spurious alerts" syndrome.

2. In Suspend monitoring, allow for non-global suspension - eg allow suspension of counters but not event log monitoring.

Or am I missing something, and there is a better/standard way to deal with this?


Greig McGill

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  • yeah we had the exact same issue, what we did was was create a number of transport rules for Exchange that blocked the specific alerts that were being sent in so Memory / Disk IO etc. Then we created a scheduled task on the server to activate the transport rule at say 7pm at night and then it deactivates at 8am so now we don't get any of those specific alerts at night but do get them during the day but we still get other alerts such as hardware issues / agent offline etc...

    Not ideal as it would be much better if we could do it in kaseya but not possible so it was the only workaround we found to be simple but effective.

  • obviously this would only work if you are using email to deliver your alerts...

  • I agree that this area should really have been improved and that's what I would have expected from Kaseya 6.x.

    There are some ways around this but you might not like it as it will require some scripting.

    I have these monitor sets that look for missing backup events, they check for both failed and successful backup events and if they can't find any within x hours it generates an alert. The problem I ran into is that I got alerts over the weekend for most of my customers, so the one option is to increase the x hour value to span multiple days however this means you won't get the Alert when you really need them.

    So instead of alerting when this event occurs I execute an Agent Procedure that would check the time and day of the week and would generate an alert by executing a fake process that is monitored for by a Process Monitor set.

    Note that doing it this way requires a lot of additional work but once it's there its great.

  • Thanks guys, both possibilities, however what I'm trying to do with Kaseya is replace our existing backup maintenance system which works on site-based emails. If I can't do it easily, I'll just leave the old system in place. This is highly frustrating though given it's neither "Automating" or "Liberating".

  • LOL :D

  • @

    I've currently got mine setup for a 2day duration (I'd love this to be much shorter). Obviously this posses an issue with weekends where some clients don't have backups running

    I'd be interested in hearing more about Agent Procedure for a fake process as I'm not sure I fully understand what you are doing.

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