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Used Disk Space

  • Is there a monitor set that will alert if a disk goes over a set amount of used disk space?

    I couldnt find a way to modify the existing free disk space sets to read used disk space. Basically I need a monitor set that will alert if a disk goes over something like 50GB of used space.



  • You can alert when a machine has less than a certain percentage of free space.  Using this logic, you can create a percentage to alert when 50GB is used.

    This is under Monitor -> Agent Monitoring -> Alerts

    Choose "Low Disk" from the "Select Alert Function" dropdown list.

  • I'm a little curious as to why you would need this?  Can you outline your scenario?

    If its a one-off then Dan's way is the way to go.  however, if you need to roll this out widely then you would need to create a script of some kind (powershell if it were me) that returns a custom value into the database.  then report on that.  I cant see any built-in way of doing this.

  • We want to monitor disk size of a VM server on our hosted datacenter. We alot XX GB and charge for overage. Its not a one-off but its not widespread either. I was just hoping there was a simpler way than setting up a monitor backwards to report used space.

  • I see.  

    Kaseya already collects this info.  Accessing it is your problem.  Check out the 'quick view' on your server and click on 'disk volumes' and there is 'used space'.  the problem is that you will need to come up with a SQL query on the database to extract this info.  Its not a particularly difficult query as the views are all pretty much setup already.  but you have to be a prepared to get your hands dirty in the DB.

    Good luck.