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Backup Exec - Job Run Time

  • It seems like the counters for Backup Exec aren't well documented. At least, I can't seem to find anything useful from Google.

    The countes that I thought would give me what I need were BEENGINE, Backup Run Time or Job Run Time. I was assumimg I could set up an alert if a job had been running a certain length of time.

    My need for this is to try and catch Backup jobs that are in "limbo" and running for eternity. Usually when the BEENGINE is hanging I've found.

    However, when using these counters they always report the same value, even when no job is running.

    Does anyone know which counter or how to measure job run time in BE? BE has no internal function for this either, otherwise I'd use BE.

  • I've created event sets for everything from errors to queued jobs. Still have not found away to alert when a job hangs.

    What version of Backup Exec are you using? 12.5 or 2010 or earlier?

  • Best way to alert when a backup exec job hangs is to alert on the absence of a success event over a given period of time.

  • Hmm makes sense Max.

    I assume you'd have to set up a few alerts though to cover every sort of Job outcome though. Failure, Success, Exception and Missed.

    With regard to BUE, I am am charged with monitoring everything from 10d through 2010.