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Virtual disk Service, EventID15, anyone shed any light on this?

  • Hi, I am getting these errors across multiple servers

    We employ the NOC team to submit critical errors to our service desk

    The error from the NOC team is 


    K.I.T.S. NOC Update

    1) Problem Description
    System log generated Error Event 15 on SERVER

    2) Alarm Analysis Steps
    a) Login to MSP K Server – Success
    b) Checked Alarm condition – Continues to be true

    3) Root Cause
    a) Virtual Disk Service is not running

    4) Resolution required
    1) Needs to restart Virtual Disk Service
    5) Change Impact
    a) Change Impact on overall availability: High.

    6) Resolution Steps Executed by NOC
    a) Logged into the server and found the error true.
    b) restarted Virtual Disk Service.

    7) Current condition
    Virtual Disk Service is success to launch provider

    8) Ticket Escalated to MSP
    1) N/A
    9) Other related steps
    a) Updated the MSP Kserver with Ticket no. 190314

    K.I.T.S. NOC Update

    EventID:15 in google doesn't return much useful
    Having the service restart after failure doesn't do anything either.
    I have a suspicion its a storage issue (machines are fiber channel SAN attached) but im hoping its not
    Multi Site, multi organisation problem, trying to not just ignore the alarm
    All windows 2008 errors.

    Sorry for the poor description of the problem, i'm hoping someone has seen this in the past and can instantly identify the cause. 


    [edited by: markdavidboyd at 4:39 PM (GMT -8) on 2-26-2011] removed server name for security reasons. My bad
  • Is this actually impacting on server performance or is it just an error that is being recorded with no noticable impact?  Do you have the text of the error itself? And you may wish to be careful posting server names to the internets.

    Don't know if this might be useful: www.minasi.com/.../topic.asp

  • I have found that the server service was attached to a user account that may have had its password changed

    changed service account details and waiting to see if its fixed