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Alerts from emails

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Is it possible to create alerts from emails. We have a few apps that we monitor that do not create event logs. However, they will send an email showing the success or failure of a job. Is it possible to capture that information and make an alert?

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  • I got the same problem, some backup software from our clients that will only send emails, and not reporting things in the event log.


  • Yes!   This a BIG HOLE in Kaseya functionality!    I've been using Kaseya for three years, and been complaining since day one that it has no practical way to accept alerts via either email or Syslog, two methods a LOT of products use to send alerts.  

    Kaseya needs a way to take email into either Alerts or Monitoring, preferably both.   Why the **** not???

    I have a tool (sl4nt) that translates syslog to email, but the ONLY way to get email into Kaseya is into its Ticket board -- as which point you have no way to set thresholds and apply any intelligence before creating an actionable ticket.  

    We use ConnectWise for ticketing, and I would really prefer all alert-based tickets to come though Kaseya.   Without this functionality, it's just not possible.  It right p*s me off.   One of the things on my list as I look at K alternatives.    It's a stupid, stupid, indefensible limitation that would be easy to fix if anyone there had any vision at all.

    "Was that over the top? I can never tell."  -- Jim Carrey


  • Talking with Kaseya engineers, they say the way to address this kind of thing is to get it to spit out the alerts to text files and use Log Parser to read it into alerts etc.    They don't have any templates or suggestions how to do that, though...


  • just make a dozen of scripts eventually it will work..

    so get started

  • I've been looking for some way to export email to text log files so Kaseya will be able to read it with Monitoring -> Log Parser.

    (And let me be blunt here:  it is completely stupid, unjustifiable and unfathomable that Kaseya doesn't already have this capabilty, given how much software only sends alerts by email. )

    So I am looking at using GFI MailArchiver for this.  

    My question:  has anyone else done this?   Any pointers, suggestions, etc.?


  • I would like to chime in that Log Parser is NOT an option for most users who have this problem. I've been trying to set up monitoring in Linux, and LogParser does not work in CentOs. So, I use log watch to create a file I can email to Kaseya, but that appears to not be an option.  Are there workarounds that are not related to LogParser?

  • Service Desk?

  • "just make a dozen of scripts eventually it will work..

    so get started "

    Oh, yeah, that's what I bought this cheap little toy called Kaseya for: a massive waste of time.