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Dependent Services

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    Do you have any recommendations for monitoring SQL clusters? We are monitoring SQL services on both servers in the cluster currently, so one server always throws alerts that the services are stopped. Is there any way to put in conditions to that only one of the servers is monitored?

    Do you guys run into this problem often?
    Is this a problem we should be addressing?


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  • I can only speak from my company/experience but I don't see a high priority need for this. There are ways in Kaseya now to monitor clusters (not pretty but it works).

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  • Dear Jeff,

    i think that this is part of a bigger problem that we have already addressed in the web meetings.

    kaseya isnt capable of creating dependencies. in this case one server is dependent of the other or one or more services are dependent on one another.

    i sure would like to see this development in the kaseya platform.



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