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Agent doesn't install correctly for 1 PC

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I have a PC that the agent doesn't install correctly. It's Windows XP Pro

After hte install, it seems to run if you actually run the agentmon.exe file .  Howerver I noticed the following isn't happening during the install.

1. The Kaseya Service isn't being added in the Services area
2.  The Kaseya startup item isn't being added
3. The Kaseya item doesn't show in add/remove programs.

It seems the install is failing bigtime but can't figure out why it's happening.  Anyone have any suggestions?  

We have agents installed on over 20 PCs in that same office so it's something specific to this PC but can't figure out what it is.  

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  • I suggest not wasting too much time on trying to get it running. Clean the registry with Regedit and remove any KASEYA links. Reboot and then reinstall. Once the installs get fudged, it is often too time consuming to try and fix it. Just strip the registry (no uninstall util available) and reinstall.

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  • Shickey is right... and if that doesn't work more than likely the machine has been infected with Malware and is not acting right. So at this point I'd probably scrub/redo the machine.

    Of course we're assuming the machine doesn't have any firewall software or such running.

  • David Bourgeois brought up a good point. ALWAYS disable windows firewall if possible. The router/firewall should be in place and Windows does not need that junk they call a firewall. It just causes problems.