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VDI desktop agents

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Hi Guys,


We support clients running VDI desktops through VMware and like to have agents on them so that we can remote into them.

The issue we face is VDI desktops are created and deleted all the time, if I have 1 agent on it they will all use the same one and checkin with the same agent password so display as only 1 agent on our system. We have tryed making the password blank on the machine which is used as a template to create the vdi's but this just causes lots of them to be created as it does not clean them up when they are deleted.


Has anyone found a solution to this issue?

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  • Anyone ever look at this question? We are in a similar situation now.

  • Hey Aaron,

    If you want I wouldn't mind working with you to build your VDI images in a way that allows the Kaseya agent to checkin 'new' every time.

    You'll have to manage clearing out the 'old' / terminated virtual desktops for now, though I'm looking at ways we can better support our customers using VDI by perhaps automatically merging the 'old' VD with the 'new' VD based on the user logged ino it.