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File source for roaming agents

  • Hi everyone,

    How do you handle file sources for clients where there are multiple sites?  Let me explain a scenario:

    We have two offices connected via an MPLS 1.5M connection.  Each site has a handful of servers.  The sites are physically 15 miles apart.  Users tend to roam between offices.  The issue is - what do I do for a file source for these roaming users?  I'd love for it to be dynamic.  Meaning, when they spend the day at office A, their file source points to a server there.  When they move to office B, no manual change required.  This prevents the already stressed 1.5M connection from being flooded.

    One way we can partially solve this is to create two OUs in active directory.  We place each user in a pseudo-home OU - where they might spend the most time.  Each OU has a logon script for a Kaseya agent install that's homed to the corresponding office.  However, two issues here:

    1.  I shudder at the thought of having Kaseya re-install each time someone logs on.  Right now I have it set to not install if it's already present on the machine.

    2.  Still doesn't help for when the user moves to the other office.

    I searched an end user laptop registry for the file source and came up blank - looks like end user nodes don't know where the file source is.  They apparently rely completely on the server to tell them where to go.

    Anyone have a solution for this scenario?




  • Your file source should be set per machine not user... if you're talking about laptops, I have them set up to download from the 'net

  • I think what he wants is the ability for a roaming user (laptop) to use file source of \\SERVER1\foo at one site and \\SERVER2\foo at another site to eliminate the excess traffic over the slow connection between site1 and site2 when a user at site2 is using the patch share at site1.  Phew... that was a mouth full.

    It'd be trivial to script if you could update the patch file source via a script, but I don't see how.

  • I hate guessing... I'm still trying to figure out why one would need to reinstall Kaseya everytime the location changes... just set the deployment package up to no install if it's already present... but anyway...

    As for the file source, in that case, fire a script to check what the IP is, then have change the file source accordingly... I recall seeing a psudo script in the old forums that did this... not sure what came of it though

  • Dan is correct, that's what I'm trying to do.


    You answered your own question.  I can have a script to change the file source accordingly by IP.  

    I could have two deployment packages, and then when the user logs in, they run an AD logon script that checks their IP addy, and points them to the proper deployment package.  However, since I do not want to reinstall Kaseya every time as we mention, once they received the file source, it would be permanent, even if they roamed to the other office.  Once they go to the other office, the logon script would kick off and point them to the correct deployment package.. but no reinstall would occur, and the file source would not change.

    I realize this is rather nitpicky and probably only applies to a few situations.  But I am concerned about things like AVG updates travelling across the WAN needlessly.  Maybe it's no big deal and the traffic is minimal, but it would be nice to do it "correctly."

    BTW I asked Kaseya support about this and they kindly told me to get Kaseya training or go to the forums :)

  • The training would not address this (I've been throught it).  I would just run a script or a monitor set to grab the IP and adjust as needed.  How it is to be done I couldn't give you the nuts and bolts of it but I've seen scripts in the old forums that adjusted things like this at DB level.  Too bad all that information couldn't be ported over here...

    IMO a scripted solution (via Kaseya) would be "correct" way of doing this but thats just me. The way I do it (grabbing the needed files from the 'net) works well as most of the time when PM or AV updates happen are in the "off hours" and laptops aren't in the network proper (usually they've got a VPN or the like to work from the outside world) what fails miserably is the backups (end users are aware of this so arrangements can be made for these cases).

  • Ahh yes, the ol' direct DB change method.  Good times.

    How do you force AV updates to happen in the off hours?  Are you using AVG?  From my experience it's either have Kaseya do it at random times, or do it manually, neither of which is any good IMO.

  • Under Security |> Protection > Manual Update you can select the time (and stagger)  for the machine, (I'll normally do my time blocks by client so it doesn't stress our systems).

    For the laptops (I've got a specific view to show only laptops) I'll have the Update from KServer checked, that way it'll update even if they're away from thier domain environment.  The hard part is when does the KServer get the update... crapshoot at best...

  • I'm sorry if this is obvious - but I'm looking there and I don't see a way to set it for recurring.  That would be fine to do it the way you're describing but I don't want to have to continually manually schedule it.