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reinstall the agent (not update)

  • Hi,


    I changed in our agent templates the path of installation, now all agents have to install under program files and our company name. I want to update the oldest agents to use the new path, so reinstall the agent, but i cant find a solution for this within Kaseya (you can use update, but he only updates the agent version, not the new path)

  • Try using the following two switches:

    /r - Executes the installation program and re-installs the agent even if an agent is already on the machine.

    /p "install_path" - Overrides the default installation path by specifying the full directory path, including drive letter, in which to install the agent. By default, the agent installation creates a directory named Program Files\Kaseya\Agent off the root of the drive on which Windows is installed.

  • I added the R for re-install even if there is a agent, but do you mean to use update, because i tried, i first installed an old agent , then updated the credentials of that to:

    /r /w /j /p "%programfiles%\dbsupport" /t “DBSupport Client” /o “DBSupport” /s /g=root.unnamed /c

    then did update, and force update but nothing changed, agent still under the old installed map and new one didn't appear...

  • I think you need to actually run the install again, rather than just using the update function.

  • Thats right rohop, got this answer from support:

    Hello Lubbert,

    updating the agent won't be using the selected parameters.

    You would need to initiate a locally executed install. Either using a login script, or Lan Watch or any other ways to deploy agents.

    Updating agents just uses the existing path to renew the existing files.


    Kaseya Support

  • Thats what I meant in the first reply, my bad for not being clear!

  • No problem, thanks for the anyway answer :) I did understand your answer, only i already had contacted yesterday support.