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Assigning lanwatch schedule to templates

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Hi Chaps,

Is there a way to reliably assign lanwatch schedules to templates so that each server that we install will automatically run a lanwatch? Currently you need to tell the lanwatch what IP range to scan, but clearly for a template you won't know what this is, as the agent hasn't been installed yet.

Any suggestions?



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  • You can't mate

  • Given enough time and money there's nothing that can't be done.  However, under the current framework, it's a pain in the ass.

    The (unsupported) method you would use would be to create a SQL view that determines if LANWatch is already enabled for a machine in that group on that subnet.  Then use that view to determine if you should schedule LANWatch.

    From there it gets a litlte trickier.  You can actually do a ton of things in a script by editing the script directly in the database and using the +++SQLCMD:.  Once you have enough information for your view above, you have almost enough information to use a few SQL commands to update the machine you want to run LAN Watch on.

    That's how you can do it under the current Kaseya framework, but remember that you're playing with fire and I'd recommend just putting in a feature request.