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I've got a site where bandwidth is very limited, everytime I install an agent onto one PC it "tries" to download +- 50 megs to the kworking directory so its not working out for me. Would it be possible to have 1 shared location and have all agents at that site use that 1 share as the working directory?



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  • The normal initial size of a very basic Agent Working folder is about 5MB. With the exception of Kaseya Patch management and any custom scripts that downloads additional files, the rest of the files are normally local agent generated log files for monitoring.

    There is a bandwidth throttling feature for the agent (Agent > Configure Agents > Check-in Control) and if you need to do patch management then you can create a centralized patch depository (Patch Management > Configure > File Source). You could also disable some agents for systems that you normally only manage on a specific day of the month and that does not require any daily monitoring.

    As to having a single Agent Working folder for multiple agents, I don’t see how it would work due to the monitoring requiring its own log files for each agent.

    If you are sure that the agent is downloading 50MB of data per agent I would suggest that you review you agent template you use when deploying agents to this site. At the end of the day it will come down to what the site requires from you Kaseya solution, with a limited bandwidth you might not be able to provide them with same service as sites with normal or unlimited bandwidth.