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Anyone moved successfully from kaseya 6.0 to 6.1

  • Has anyone ,moved successfully from kaseya 6.0 to kaseya 6.1 ..

    I would like to know about the experience.



  • Absolutely its very straightforward. The few minor wrinkles, documented in other posts, will have been sorted out by now.

    As ever the important things are:

    • Backup before you start
    • Read the documentation
  • Was probably the easiest upgrade of version I have done. (been through 3, nothing like 4.8 to 5.01 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    There are still some bugs here and there, but no new bugs have been introduced that are show stopping.

  • If you like using Google Chrome or IE 9 Beta, don't upgrade :)

    Other than that -- the audit module is awesome and global variables in procedures are very nice.

  • easy as can be !

    no trouble at all

    IE9 beta works (in compatibility mode ...)

  • Thanks guys.

    can someone post the download link too.

  • @Rajeev Sharma - Here's the link.  dl.kaseya.com/.../KaWebUpdate.exe

    @Rohop - I was a Kaseya customer during that 4x-5x upgrade.  UGH. I remember it all too well.  

  • Awesome Brendan.. thank you

  • Unsuccessful here.  Tried twice - needed support to get me up and running again but I have NO Audit section other than Documents.  Beware!

  • I'm on Kaseya 6 SP1 it works for the most part including audits reporting with the only outstanding thing is the agent crashing every now and then with systems where live connect crashed on exit. It was a mission to get there and I'm not too keen to go through it again..

    Do your self a favour, if and when you get to a point where everything works disable your updates until such time as you need a new feature and then make sure to build a test server first before you apply any major updates to your production server.  

  • I had the same issue with the Audit section.  I put in a ticket and they needed to update my license key.  This took care of the issue