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Creating an Apple Mac Agent

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I was just wondering if anyone has successfully deployed an agent to an Apple Mac computer. We have had a request to look after Mac's but I'm not very familar with them, and I am unsure on the working path I should use in the switches section. Normally I would use /p "%systemdrive%\Program FIles..." I was just wondering if someone could please help me out :)

Can you deploy monitoring on Mac's? Can you RC a Mac through a Windows machine? How are patches handled on Mac's?



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  • There is a Mac agent that comes w/ Kaseya.  You can RC a Mac from a Windows machine (or from a Mac if you're on version 6.0.1).  Patches are done through procedures for now, however Kaseya is planning on adding a patch engine for Macs in the future.  Some alerts are also available.

  • I did not bother changing the installation path for my Macs.  Remember that *nix paths use a forward slash. The default is /Library/Kaseya