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Getting the Agent to install in a Provisioning Server scenario...

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I have been trying to get the agent to automatically install when provisioned servers boot up using a GPO and VBS file to install in the Computer startup script but have been unsuccessful.

Have any of you been successful getting the agent to install using a GPO in the Computer Startup Script area?



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  • Does no one use Kaseya with Provisioned servers?  When I attempt what Kaseya says to try which is to put the agent install in the runonce key on the Master image everything works fine the first time that the child images are booted off of the master.  Once the master is shut down and restarted the runonce fires off and the agent installs again on the master creating a '-1' agent.  When the child images are booted again off the master they sometimes work fine but I sometimes get '-1' agents created like the master.

    I also seem to lose the monitoring sets on these servers once the agent re-installs on either the master or the child images.

    Anyone have any insight on this?  Provisioned images are a 1 to many VM and so make it tough to get Kaseya agents to work properly.