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Add and Remove Programs

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I see the icon but when I highlight the program there is no remove?


also is there a way to locate programs on all of the computers at one time instead of individulally?

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  • I wish we could actually remove programs from here, through Kaseya. That would be sweet.

    For locating apps on all computers, or which computers all contain a specific version of an app, you could create a view. Find the specific app's .exe in the list of applications, create the view based on version, etc and the only machines that will be displayed contain that app.

  • so what is the Add/Remove for under Audit/Function List?

  • It appears to only be for viewing purposes. You can also report on it.

  • Cameron is correct. Add/Remove shows you the audit information for applications listed in the Windws Add/Remove programs tab. It does NOT allow you to add or remove programs.

    It woould be great it you could uninstall apps thas way though.