I seem to be having limited success with views related to specific versions of applications.  Here's what I'm doing, I have identified the application I'm trying look for with a view.  Let's say its name is design.exe. 

I look on one of the sample machines, under installed Apps, and see design.exe listed with a Version number in the Version column of  Some other machines may have or whatever, but basically they are all Version 8.0 of this app. 

My View has just two settings checked, one is the "Contains application" and I have design.exe in there, and the other is right below that, Version string.  I currently have it set for "Like" with 8.0.0 in the field, I've tried "<" with 8.1 in the field, etc.  But when I apply the view, all my machines disappear.  I have the first view I built which isn't checking the Rev, just checking for design.exe to exist, and that works, so I know I'm finding the right application.

I've been wrangling with this with a couple different applications trying to get a consistent set of views to use to identify a bunch of these various apps so we know which need upgrading, etc.  What am I missing with Version strings?  If I think hard about this - (hard to do at this time on a Friday) I'm thinking it's because Kaseya is saying these are Strings, so is it that I need to think in terms of these being "words" not "numbers"?  Assuming that, wouldn't be "like" 8.0.0 or do I have to make it "like" 8.0.0.### or some such??

If I set the version exactly to be I am getting those machines with exactly that version to show, but that doesn't help me identify the other machines that are somewhere in that 8.0.0 realm.