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Application still showing up on Audit > Installed Apps list - but I know it's gone...

  • I have a workstation that had Trend Micros' Anti-Virus client on it.  I have manually gone in to Add/Remove Programs and deleted the application, I have verified that there is no directory left in "Program Files" that corresponds to it, but it still shows up on the Installed Apps list under KLC for that machine, and it still shows up as a conflicting application when I'm on the KES > Install / Remove window.

    I'm thinking the Installed Apps list must write somewhere into the kworking directory, and I'd assume I can kill that file and make the system do another audit and that might fix this, but I don't know which file to clobber -- or maybe there's another solution to this??

  • Have you re-ran your audit?

  • I agree with 3020.

    your kaseya view will not know about the changes until an audit is run.

  • Well, the audit is set to run once per day, and when I look at the Procedure History view under Agent Data, it shows "Latest Audit"  with a "Success THEN" shown, so that's what's got me baffled, it seems to be performing audits every day, but when I look under "Audit Information > Installed App", I can still find it listed.  

  • Somethings hinky then I would try re-running the initial audit if that don't work its ticket time.

  • The conflict message is derived from the Baseline Audit.  You will have to run a new baseline audit.  That said, if you're confident that Trend is removed you can go ahead and install KES.  When it comes to the possible conflict Kaseya err'd on the side of caution so we'd rather provide too much info than not enough.