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Agents falsely reporting going offline

  • @oursourceit

    it should be in the app logs on the server.

    I get a good slew of them a day. I've noticed they derive from KLC disconnects

    as for the agents false positives I can confirm that after adding exclusions to all my AV (Trend Micro) I don't have any false positives like before. we still get one every now and then, but nothing like before.

    Helpful tidbit: if you're updating your Agents to the latest version and don't have exceptions in AV set you're agents will most likely go off line. solution is to reboot or restart the agent, they will check back in with the latest version.

    If you have several agents off-line from this and have RDP access to the server, run psexec with a batch file that restarts the service:

    @echo off

    sc stop KA<yourkaseyaIDhere>

    sc start KA<yourkaseyaidhere>

    then run psexec \\* -c kaseyaservicerestart.bat

    that will scan every PC in your network and restart the agent (with out the customer knowing)

  • hi folks any further update on whether anybody resolved the issue - we are experiencing the same issue on some boxes the service starts but does not connect to server  - one server today went offline for a few hours and then came back online even though the box was fine itself.