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Kaseya Live Connect causing fault in Agentmon.exe (Kaseya Agent Service)

  • Hi Guys;

     I believe I have confirmed a theory I have had for a while within regards to the agent going offline because the Kaseya Agent service crashed/failed.

    The symptoms are;

    Agent goes offline but the computer is online.

    Solution to resolve the issue is to stop the Kaseya Agent service, wait for the service stop to time out and fail. Once the agent service stop has timed out the service does stop and you can start the service once more.

    Just before the agent goes offline an Event log EventID: 0, Source: Agentmon.exe

    Message: INFORMATIONAL Version=4.0 TID=5176 Content=Stats Exception

    StatsLogException : Stats:

    Client Bytes Received: 35555495

    Client Bytes Sent: 203094

    Relay Bytes Received: 262696

    Relay Bytes Sent: 37178088


    Session 617483439

    Client Bytes Received: 35555495

    Client Bytes Sent: 203094

    Relay Bytes Received: 262696

    Relay Bytes Sent: 37178088



    RlyConnMs 2683

    RlyOK 1

    UdtConnMs 0

    Disc RelayConnectionFail

    FirewallState Fail

    LocalIp (IP Address removed)

    P2PFail UdtConnectFail

    P2PPubPriv Relay






    The computers that this issue has occurred on only appears to be computers that my colleagues and I happen access via Live Connect just before the agent goes offline. And from information I gathered this morning it can be around 30min to an hour before the Live Connect session is established.

    In versions – this issue was very common and would in most cases happen repeatedly after the first failure, Kaseya support supplied the version agent and it appears to be less common however I’m now getting another agent issue which is a topic for a different post.


    What would be nice is if anybody else reading this with the above mentioned issue can try and see if they also find that the agent crash/failure happened after a Live Connect session was used. If you do please leave a comment as we might be able to use it as proof to get the issue resolved once and for all.




  • We fortunately have not seen this issue.  We are running v6.0.0.7 and usually the only errors we see are in the event logs when using KLC for the first time on an endpoint (KLC still works though).  Have you opened a ticket with support?

  • Sure did that is how I got v6.0.0.7 (...Kaseya support supplied the version agent...)

  • HardKnoX, i can confirm we also see agents ( going offline sometimes after using KLC.

    It mostly seems to be X64 servers.

  • I'm told the new 6.0.1 update is suppose to fix this issue.