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1909 Feature Pack Deployment

  • WE have noticed that to doo the 2004 feature a unit must be at least 1903 or newer for it to work.  so i am working on an agent procedure that will download the ISO, Mount it,  and start the update.  I have figured out the first 2 parts but cannot figure out the last one because I will not know the exact drive letter of the mounted ISO.  I there any sort of way to do this>  maybe a variable of some sorts.

  • Hey Chris,

    I am a little confused about what your trying to do.  Are you upgrading an 1809 or newer workstation to 1903 so you can bring it to 2004?

    OR are you just looking to automate Feature Update Deployments?

    Anyway, I didn't NOT want my confusion to prevent me from sharing this link from our Automation Exchange.  This is a Powershell based Procedure designed to deploy Feature updates.  I have not tested it with 2004.  If it doesn't work, perhaps it will include ideas and methods that might help you.


    Hope this helps.

  • instead of mounting the ISO, you could extract the contents to a folder with 7x.exe and 7z.dll.

  • I misread your subject line - my response below is just informational to the community.

    Microsoft continues to frequently update it's patching strategy.  Software Management in VSA can deploy the 1909 update currently as it is marked as a feature update but truly it is a cumulative update.