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Native MFA stopped working

  • Anyone else having issues with the native MFA on VSA?

    Ours stopped working yesterday, it's not accepting the code, removing MFA enrollment, and trying to reenroll does not work as the code is still not accepted

    Reactivating AUthanvil works 

  • Did you check the time on your server?

  • i had the same isue, just clear the browser history

  • I have had this once.

    Time on VSA Machine was not in sync.

    After correcting time on the VSA server there were no more 2FA issues.

  • Thanks all,

    Yes it was the same time issue for us, once corrected all resumed working

  • There are two factors that have proven to be issues for us.  The first is the browser cache of clients using our VSA and the second is the time on the web front-end (if you run two servers) being 'off' by even a few seconds.

    I've always used the Meinberg NTP services on all servers that are time-sensitive and this is an excellent solution for making sure that your VSA is always in sync from a time perspective with the devices registered into it for MFA.