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Process to deploy a software by schedule

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Can anyone help me how to schedule an installation of software?

I have already uploaded the software on VSAShare. 

I also tried the Create Catalog but everytime I choose the .exe software it says that it is not supported.I tried .msi software on create catalog it also say that it is not supported.

Based on the error it should be .kdsu.

Is there anyone who can assist me on it, this is what I want to happen:

1. Upload the software on the VSAShare

2. Set the schedule as to when to update and the rules should be:

    a. Only install when agent is login

    b. It should be silent install

    c. Schedule the installation

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  • charrise_dlc,   This is normally done with a simple Agent Procedure.   I think you are trying to use Software Deployment do accomplish this, which was designed for Ninite, but does allow you to create your own.

    2 options,   post what software you are trying to install, or a URL where to download it from and I can whip up a quick script for you, or alternatively, go to the Automation exchange, and find a script written for another piece of software, and use that as a template.

    Feel free to PM me the info if you don't want to share it publicly.


  • The application deploy feature may assist you through most of your challenge.

    I strongly recommend to view our techjam sessions around agent procedures to help you elevate your automation and procedure writing skills.