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Agent has never checked in Problem

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Hi everyone, i have a problem with an agent. it is displayed as never checked in. but not under agent but only in the policy management. how do i get it deleted. because it occupies a machine name and when i add the newly installed machine it is displayed with -1 in the name.

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  • Agent Tab-> Templates-> Delete

  • Navigate to Agent - Templates - Delete. Select the template and remove it. There may be many more there as well and likely all can be removed. Once the template is removed, you should be able to install an agent on the "real" device without issue.

    This is likely the result of an AD scan in Discovery when the AD environment was not "clean". Discovery will happily bring in every bit of trash from an un-maintained AD. This is why I prefer Network scans to AD scans unless we start working with the customer with an AD remediation and cleanup.


  • Thanks, that solved my problem.