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agent on windows 10 iot CORE

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is there a way to get Kaseya agent on a windows 10 iot core version?

We have a application that runs on a raspberry pi 4 with our customers

for some monitoring i want to have kaseya on it

anybody already did this?

or is it not even possible to get Kaseya agent on the core version?

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  • There's no official support. We also looked into this, but for is it wasn't that important, so we never dove into it to see if it could be done....

  • ... Overall not likely to ever happen... The kaseya agent has never worked on a non x86 based platform, so I wouldn't hold my breath to ever see it on an ARM based chip.

  • On a arm system i understand that this will not work...

    i have a iot core on a x86 platform

    it's possible to get it to work

    I am going to try to build a kaseya agent app that runs (i hope)