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Any plans for a better remote control?

  • Anyone know if there's plans to replace the current remote control/live connect for something better?

    Its what is used most often by a tech and i feel like their so far behind the rest of the market. Any time i use another remote control tool i find it to be so much better. Am i the only one?

    Some of my complaints:

    • Slow to open
    • when you're in remote control session there are ZERO features you can do right there (at the toolbar). You have to open Live connect which can takes long until you open and wait for it to load. Even once you're in live connect the features arent as rich as other remote tools.
    • Doesnt support drag and drop file transfer
    • Resource hog
    • Live connect is slow and clunky
    • New features are rare at best. Since releasing current version of live connect have they released any new features other than adding powershell

    They should just integrate with a 3rd party tool that does it well.

  • Yes, the Solorwarinds RMM (aka LogicNow) kills the VSA client in so many respects.  I do miss it and the chat is the best.

  • We gave up trying with Live Connect for remote control and integrated AnyDesk instead. I tried multiple times with Live Connect, i've had support tickets open, raised it with the account manager. It doesn't change, and you can still find the same old problems from years ago being posted about today.

    I've had similar complaints as you

    * It's slow, and over slow WAN links it is awful

    * It's clipboard management was awful, often broken

    * It had weird pasting issues where it would break certain keys

    * Key capture has been broken every other build

    * I've had periods where it would just crash consistently, usually right when you need it

    * On demand needed local admin which many users do not have

    * The process for on demand remote access was painful and slow (for some reason Kaseya have a CDN, but all their links default to the non CDN version so instead of 3-5MB/sec from the CDN, you get 200KB/sec and spend the first 5-10minutes of a call just waiting for a download, or you break down and copy paste the URL, edit the -CDN on the end and send that to the customer, assuming they have access to email, I've given up with support on this one after they couldn't understand it)

    About the only redeeming feature is the fact live connect integrates into BMS and other parts so easily for a one click access. Otherwise it's generally been a painful joke.

  • - I have to agree with you there. I don't like Live Connect at all, clunky is a good way to describe it. The idea was solid, but it's been a poor execution for about 3 years now and it's taken the tool from extemely poor to mediocre at the moment. It's useful to have Live Connect functionality (like event viewer, command prompt, powershell and such), but as a remote control tool it doesn't compare well with the alternatives out there.

  • Screen resolution for me on the Remote Control is not sharp enough.

    As a workaround where Windows 10 endpoints are concerned I use Quick Assist.

  • We noticed that as well. It does not scale well. It is even more painful when the target has a higher resolution than your computer.

  • Kaseya doesnt support any 3rd party remote tools but does anyone know if it can be done? We use screen connect for remote connections to PCs without kaseya agent. They also have an installed agent we sometimes put on machines.

    I wonder if there's a way to integrate with that.

  • copy the URL when you create a MSI.

    at the and you have your custom properties.

    download in a procedure your MSI  with the last custom property your AgentGUID


    now through the api of screenconnect you can  fetch the agents  access sessions

    & update the "company" custom property based on the agentguid. ( which you also get from REST API on VSA )