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The auditing/reporting done on installed applications seems to be ineffective for what I'm trying to accomplish.  I need to get a handle on how many installs we have of MS Office.  The data I'd really like to query is in Add/Remove in the Audit section.  I can't find a way to query that data.  Can someone help please?




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  • Hi Steve,

    The information you want should be shown in a Software License Summary type report. Seeing as you are looking for Office, Kaseya's Software License area of the Audit will pick up windows/office licenses so the license summary report can show you this information.


  • If you use the report Executive > Executive Summary it will (among other items) pull the number of operating systems and MS Office installs (and their version numbers) for the machine group you designate.

  • I just use a SQL query.

    Connect to the Kaseya DB and use the query below

    SELECT  ProductName, COUNT(*)

     FROM [ksubscribers].[dbo].[vLicenseInfo]

     where ProductName like '%Microsoft Office Profes%'

     group by ProductName

  • Don't waste your time using the Executive Summary report.  The Office license reporting here is inaccurate.  It will report on the current version of Office installed, as well as any previously installed versions, whether they are still there or not.  Your report will show more Office licenses than machines.  I removed this from the Executive Summary that we send to clients because I ended up getting a lot of questions, and the subsequent complaints when they found out the information was useless for anything except the most recent version.

    [edited by: ethornton at 10:39 AM (GMT -8) on 11-19-2011] Clarified which report I was referring to.
  • Thats awesome, but how do you just limit it to 1 machine group and show versions?  Also how would you print this report?